Your Host

On Franz Josef Glacier, May 2005

Your host here at Mokoia Downs is Lisa, who grew up in New Zealand after her family emigrated here when she was just a child, so she is very much a “Kiwi girl.” Before turning her hand to hospitality, Lisa spent 25-years in I.T. as a Project Manager/Business Analyst in Auckland.

Having always had a love of travelling, Lisa decided in 2013 to take a year off to visit some more “bucket-list” destinations and it was on this trip where she had her first experience of hotel management when she was offered a partnership in a hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Quickly finding she has a hidden-talent, (and love), for “hosting guests,” Lisa then opened a 9-bedroom guesthouse as a co-partner and this quickly became one of the top-rated choices of accommodation in the town of Goreme.

Although this was a very successful venture, Lisa always had a desire to return to New Zealand at some point and open her very own guesthouse or B&B. So when she discovered that the previous owners of Mokoia Downs were retiring, Lisa jumped at the chance of making Mokoia Downs her own and building on the fantastic reputation which the previous owners had built up.

At the end of the Tongariro Crossing, April 2005

Lisa’s interests still include travelling and with this passion she has managed to explore many parts of the world, with her great love being the SE Asia, especially Indonesia.

Closer to home, Lisa has enjoyed numerous tramping/hiking trips here in New Zealand, visiting and enjoying some of the many beautiful coastal spots on the islands. This is an experience she would heartily recommend to any visitors from foreign shores.

Lisa is also a keen amateur photographer and has, over the years of travelling, built up an incredible collection of photographs from around the world and will be looking to add to this with the many wonderful photography opportunities which Rotorua has to offer its visitors.

Teresa practising her new ziplining technique 50 metres above the ground in Dansey Scenic Reserve, October 2015. I'm on the right on the platform behind in the red helmet, about to phone the para-medics!

Other interests of Lisa are cooking, (especially Asian-style dishes), and meeting and spending time “chatting” to travellers, where she can exchange stories with them about their various adventures and experiences.

Finally, one thing Lisa would love to do is hear about YOUR experiences during your travels and the best way to do that is during your stay here.

She looks forward to welcoming you to this beautiful and fascinating part of the world, which will then allow her and your stay here at Mokoia Downs to be a part of the future travellers-tales you will share with others in your life in years to come.