Mokoia Downs Moonshine - A Unique Tasting Experience

When we discovered that it's ok in New Zealand to distill alcohol and make your own liqueurs (and other spirits!), we decided pretty quickly to establish a micro-distillery to supply our Anglers Arms bar. The liqueur making process involves distilling a fermented "wash" of water, yeast and sugar to make a vodka base, and then adding ingredients to create our special flavours.

At the same time as establishing the micro-distillery we also created an organic garden with a range of fruit trees, berry fruits, and herbs. While we were waiting for the garden to bear fruit, we initially added commercially produced essences (such as Swiss Chocolate and Almond, Cholocolate Mint, and Amoretto) to the vodka base to create our liqueurs, and these remain popular to this day.

Now that we have an abundant supply of organically grown fruit, berries and herbs, however, this produce from our garden, along with spices such as Cardamon, Cloves, Ginger and Aniseed, is increasingly used to extend our range of uniquely flavoured liqueurs under the "Mokoia Downs Monshine" label.

We offer a complementary tasting session for our guests each evening, but rest assured that before any of our liqueurs reaches a shelf in the bar they are rigorously tasted by the hosts!